There is a large variety of bridles and other tack that you can order to your custom made hobbyhorse. The tack is made of real leather and perfectly fitted to your hobbyhorse. You can choose the model and the decorations all by yourself, the pictures in this page are just examples. Please send me an exampe picture if you have something specific in mind, I absolutely love making imitations of real bridles.

Basic Bridles 15-40

Basic bridles include a basic snaffle bit and buckles in throatlash and nosebands.

Nosebandless bridle 15

English bridle 25

Hanoverian bridle 25

Mexican bridle 30

Double bridle 40

Deluxe Bridles 35-60

Deluxe bridles contain a bigger amount of buckles and you can get a special bit for extra cost. You can include an example picture if you have something special in your mind.

Western, Bitless and Other Bridles - ask

for an offer

Please include an example picture if you wish to order some special bridle so I can estimate the price and see if it's doable.

Halters 15-35

Show Halter 10

Martingals 15-30

Leathers for Bridles

1. Black
2. Dark brown
3. Medium brown
4. Brownish red
5. Cognac
6. Sand

Leathers for Halters

The colour variety of bridles is also available for halters.

1. Pink
2. Purple
3. Dark red
4. Bright red
5. Night blue
6. Blue Out of stock
7. Green
8. Light green

Ribbons for Show Halters

1. Forest green
2. Blue braid
3. Blue braid and blue velvet
4. Blue and gold
5. Blue
6. Light blue
7. Light purple
8. Pink
9. Rose
10. Wine red
11. Wine red braid
12. Shiny red
13. Gold
14. Metallic gold
15. Silver wave
16. Silver crisscross


A wide variety of different kinds of shapes and decorations are available for the browband. You can send me an example picture of a browband you would like and I will tell if it's possible to create. You can find the variety of rhinestones below.

1. Golden yellow
2. Shampagne
3. White
4. Light purple
5. Pink
6. Red
7. Dark blue
8. Blue oval NOT AVAILABLE
9. Light blue
10. White pearls
11. Purple (3mm)
12. Green (3mm)
13. Black
14. Multicoloured diamond
15. White ovals with half pearls NOT AVAILABLE
16. Shampagne ovals with half pearls NOT AVAILABLE

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